You don’t have to love bookkeeping. That’s our job.

When you don’t like doing something, it’s easy to keep bumping it to the bottom of the to-do list. Bookkeeping is a great example: No time. No energy. Spreadsheets bring you out in a rash.

Then one night you wake up in a cold sweat, remembering your GST return is due tomorrow. Or the next Board meeting is in two days and you still have seven bank statements to reconcile.

Anxiety is an awful feeling. It leads to rushing, which often leads to mistakes – and mistakes in business can be costly. Your organisation can’t afford them.

Our business is to take that feeling away.

Outsource your bookkeeping to us and we’ll work with you and your accountant to ensure everything is done accurately and on time. Whatever the size of your business and whatever you need done, we’ll get it sorted.

Peace of mind…now that’s a feeling worth having.

Our Bookkeeping Services

GST returns

We’ll ensure your returns always get to the IRD on time, regardless of their basis and frequency.

Creditor management

We manage every aspect of creditor control, including entry, monitoring and payment.

Debtor management

Count on us for professional debtor management, oversight, follow-up and collection.

Customer invoicing

Cashflow is the lifeblood of your organisation. We’ll issue your invoices promptly and accurately.

Bank reconciliations

All those 20-page epic statements getting you down? Don’t let them! Put us on the case.

Xero Health Check

We’ll give Xero the once-over to make sure it meets your business’ needs now and in the future.

Statement Generator

We are pleased to offer our very own Statement Generator which will save you from the headaches of Foodstuffs statements. Our Statement Generator will remove all the complications required to get a Foodstuffs compliant statement and send you one ready to go at the end of each month.
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