10 Ways to reduce your business cost in 2023

1.Go Cloud-base

Technology can save you a lot of money when it is used efficiently. Cloud based technology cuts an enormous number of overhead costs, from office and infrastructure to storage. With cloud-based technology, a company can collaborate better. That minimises traveling costs. 

Cloud-based technology makes processes smooth and more efficient, leading to profit increases. Also, cloud-based technology cuts costs on storage. Instead of physically storing vital information or using expensive hardware to store such information, companies can seek help from cloud-based technology to build storage facilities for their digital data. Cloud-based technologies are also expandable and upgradable. Therefore, it is secure to invest in it. 

2.Build strategy 

Building a strategy for cost-cutting before starting the process is essential. Your accountant should be helping you with it. This is when your bookkeeping NZ compatible practices come to your rescue. Simply, Get your recent records and start analysing. Your tax accountant NZ standards will be your guide. A proper strategy helps to streamline all the functions to achieve the ultimate goal of reducing your business cost in 2023. 

During strategy building, you can focus on recurrent, most recurring, hidden, and costs you feel are unessential now. Uncovering such information and building the strategy over it would make it more long-lasting and effective. 

3.Outsource HR functions 

Some business functions can be a burden to the business more than a help. Your HR department is one such department. If your business is maintaining an HR department with several overhead costs attached to it. Now is the time to analyse its necessity. In 2023 there are many tools which can help with your HR functions. Especially when your business is armed with cloud-based technology, outsourcing HR services is a better option than an in-house team of HR professionals. 

Outsourcing HR functions will allow you to cut infrastructure costs, avoid paying high salaries, Pay for hiring processes, training costs and many more. Also, outsourcing your HR functions will enable you to get more professional services. 

4.Outsource Payroll services 

Payroll services are another service that you can outsource more efficiently in 2023 than maintaining an in-house team. A reputed payroll agency will follow the best practices of payroll NZ compatible guidelines. 

Apart from cutting overhead and employee costs, having an outsourced payroll service will help you cut costs related to employee payments, such as tax accounting. Outsourcing payroll will also reduce hidden costs such as overpay, fines, and other violations of the legislation.

Payroll has a direct impact on employee happiness. Outsourcing payroll services to a reputable payroll agency will help the company maintain a healthy relationship with its employees, leading to cost-effective alternatives to keep them happy. The same goes for suppliers and the rest of the ecosystem. 

5.Remote working 

Remote working setups save businesses money in various aspects. Remote work setups are cutting costs on utilities, namely electricity, internet charges, water, food and daycare facilities. It also reduces infrastructure costs such as building rental, computer and other machinery rentals, and equipment maintenance. It lowers support staff costs, such as medical help and cleaning staff. Also travelling and transport costs will be significantly reduced too. Remote working eases the burden on other business functions too. When the team is reduced, the HR functions become easier to handle, reflected in the HR system cost. The same applies to payroll systems too. Less functionality means less cost. On top of all the cost-cutting, a remote working setup gives employees more work-life balance, resulting in increased productivity and profit in the long run. 

6.Temporary workers 

Permanent employees cost much more than temporary or contract workers. Permanent employees carry a considerable burden of overhead costs too. Medical insurance, traveling, office cost, stationery, support staff, utilities, and other overhead costs are some. This makes permanent employment not the right choice if you are trying to cut business costs in 2023. 

Due to the increased popularity of freelancing, outsourcing, and remote working environments in the last few years, many highly skilled professionals have chosen to work independently without permanently joining a business establishment. That makes temporary or contract-based employment a good fit if you are looking to hire the best skills. 

7.Online Marketing 

Traditional marketing requires a lot of resources. Marketing research bears a considerable portion of the budget since it has to be done to fit many platforms. Switching to online marketing allows you to avoid such tedious practices, which cost a lot of money. TV, radio and newspapers are now outdated. Regardless of their decreased popularity, they still cost a lot. This makes online marketing methods an easy choice compared to the impact and the cost. 

Traditional media is high in production costs too. Online marketing methods can achieve astonishing results with a smaller staff and cheaper tools. So online marketing methods are less expensive.  

8.Go paperless

Going paperless is good for the environment, and it is good for your business too. The paper brings a good chunk of expenses with it. As an example, the paper itself is expensive. Printing is costly because of ink and machinery costs. Maintenance is expensive too. Going paperless will reduce all of such expenses. 

Going paperless will save time, translating into money in the long run. 2023 is the perfect year to start paperless practices since many customers are now aware of paperless transactions due to the previous pandemic experience. 

Since digital paperless methods are more secure and long-lasting, keeping and storing records is cheaper. Businesses can cut costs on bulky storage facilities as well. 

9.Cut down on office supplies.

If you choose to host your employees remotely and adopt a cloud base paperless approach, you no longer need the office supplies you once required. Cutting down stationary, furniture, and other office supplies will allow you to cut down costs furthermore. 

Office supplies drag in the maintenance, storage and inventory cost too. Cutting down on office supplies help businesses to cut down such costs too. 

You wouldn’t need the support staff that used to handle office supplies. Your business will cut costs in many aspects by cutting down the cost of office supplies. 


Cutting costs can be bold and instant, like downsizing, adapting online methods instead of traditional methods, and cutting costs on office supplies. Cost cutting could also be indirect and long-term. Automation is one such method. Automating will give your business the edge over your competition because it will smoothen your processes. This will later result in less wastage and cost-effectiveness. Also, automation will allow you to achieve a lighter overhead burden.

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