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How payroll software works for your small business

I remember using a printed IRD weekly/fortnightly PAYE booklet to calculate employees wages. I thought these were fantastic, no need to use formulas, calculators or spreadsheets to calculate PAYE. You simply needed to know your staff’s gross earnings based on their timesheet. You could then quickly use the guide to determine PAYE and net pay […]
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Top 6 Business Functions You Should Be Outsourcing

Nearly 70% of businesses now turn to Business Process Outsourcing for one or multiple of their business functions. Sometimes these processes are outsourced to local New Zealand businesses. However more and more New Zealand businesses are now opting to look beyond our boarding to find more efficient solutions. There are many businesses leveraging lower costs […]
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Ways to work on your business during lockdown

1. Review your website What better time to check in and review your site from your client’s perspective. ● If you’re looking for something, is it easy to find? ● Is your most important information clear and forefront? ● Is it easy to navigate and user friendly? ● Are mobile and desktop versions both functioning […]
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