5 Reasons to choose a tech-savvy accountant for your business

Having efficient and accurate financial systems is one of the most important aspects of running a business. So if you’re a small business owner you might want a tech-savvy accountant for your financial needs.
Studies reveal that 91% of accountants believe new technology delivers value to their business. 78% of company CEOs prefer to work with tech-savvy accountants.

In this blog post, we’ll outline 5 reasons as to why you too should choose a tech-savvy accountant for your small business. Take a squiz.

5 reasons to choose a tech-savvy accounting specialist for your business.

#1 Increase in efficiency
Accounting software and automation tools boost the speed and accuracy of your work. This in turn speeds up the financial strategizing and decision making process.

#2 Less room for errors
It’s no secret that 41% of inaccurate numbers in financial reporting are due to human error. And inaccurate numbers could mean trouble for your business. Tech savviness of accountants help make sure that such mistakes are not made.

#3 Accessibility
A tech-savvy accountant would understand the value of cloud-based accounting tools.

What is cloud technology? A method of storing and accessing information and files through the internet. This means that your work is available on the internet and that you can access it with your smart devices.

What is cloud-based? Cloud-based means that a certain tool or application uses cloud technology.

Cloud-based accounting tools, software, and cloud storage are great for multiple people to work on a single project at the same time. You can also access your finances from any place at any time and watch it being updated in real time.

#4 A custom tech stack for automation
Automating your accounting process makes things easier and more efficient for your business.

An accountant with technical skills can set this up for you by integrating different software that work together seamlessly. Most often, these accountants will also collaborate with your tech department to create tools just for you.

#5 Easier to develop strategies
Technology makes accounting easier and less dear.

Easier accounting processes streamline collaboration between you and your accountant to develop future-focused business strategies.

Dealing with tech can also turn you into a tech savvy CEO, which is a good perk to get in the modern business world.

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