How small business owners should navigate rising costs of doing business

Aotearoa faced many economic challenges in 2023 that ultimately led to a dramatic reduction in the country’s GDP. As a small business owner operating against this backdrop you might be knackered, wondering how to manage your costs of doing business.

In this must-read guide for small business owners, we breakdown a few tips on how you can better navigate your business costs. Take a squiz.

Here’s how you should navigate rising business costs

#1 Review your small business budget
Regularly review your business budget and identify things that you spend extra money on. Then work towards eliminating these extra expenses.

Often this means renegotiating contracts, reducing office supplies, streamlining operational and marketing costs, etc.

#2 Integrate tech into your business
Technology can enhance productivity and efficiency in small businesses, which helps reduce costs.

Consider automating repetitive tasks, implementing cloud based systems, and utilising digital marketing strategies in place of traditional marketing.

#3 Focus on customer loyalty and referrals
To make sure that you have a stable customer base, try implementing loyalty programmes.

To stimulate revenue growth, you can also implement referral programmes where you offer existing customers money for bringing in new customers.

#4 Make sure that money owed to you is paid
If customers/debtors owe you money, ensure that you’re paid on time. For this, communicate and agree on a designated payback period.

Invoice your debtors as soon as possible to convey urgency and regularly remind them to pay you back. This way you will always have enough money to stick to your budgetary requirements.

#5 Ask for help and advice whenever needed
Asking for help is important.

Your bank can provide you with basic consultation services, connect you with business coaches, and get you in touch with government agencies and programmes designed to guide local business owners.

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