All you need to know about NZ tax rates 2023

Small business owners must be more mindful of the NZ tax rates because they are passing the early stages of their business. The best way to handle the tax operations and get updates about the latest NZ tax rates is by engaging with a tax accountant service.


After reading this small business tax guide, you can have a better understanding of IRD NZ  tax rates.

Types of business income that are taxable in New Zealand

A business earns its income through a variety of activities, from E-commerce to investing in foreign companies. The income tax of the business depends on the type of business income. In addition, there are specific rules and regulations or Scheduled payments to Withholding taxes. In New Zealand, a few kinds of income are taxable, such as

  • Foreign investment funds (FIFs)
  • portfolio investment entities (PIEs),
  • Interest and deviance Grants and subsidies,
  • Donations

Income tax rates for companies in New Zealand

The types of business and the industry in which it operates affect the business income tax. Generally, the self-employed income tax rates are equal to the individual income tax rates. Unincorporated organisations must also pay their income taxes according to individuals’ taxation.

Most businesses, on the other hand, must incur a 28% tax rate on their annual income. In New Zealand, the tax rate for Mauri authorities is 17.5%. Non-profit organisations registered under the Incorporated Societies Act of 1908 are liable to a tax rate of 28%.

Fringe benefits tax (FBT) rates in New Zealand

The Fringe benefits Tax (FBT) in New Zealand consists of four major rate contexts as

  • Single rate
  • Short-form alternate rate
  • Full alternate rate
  • Pooled alternate rate.

These options are determined by the payment time period and whether the benefits are provided to a specific employee or not. FBT tax can be filed quarterly or annually. There are few filing frequencies for specific payment time periods. This filling frequencies depends on company type, benefit type and value of benefits.


Single Rate

Alternative Rate

Rates for quarterly filers








Rates for annual income filers





Full alternative rate



for other employees



Short form alternative rate


Attribute benefits


Nonattribute benefits for shareholder-employees


Non-attribute benefits for other employees


Goods, and services tax (GST)rates in New Zealand

Goods and services tax (GST) rate in New Zealand is 15%

Penalties and interest charges for late payment or filing of taxes.

By engaging with a tax accountant service, you can pay your taxes at the right time in the right way. Therefore there is no need to worry about penalties or interest charges for late payments.

Accountants for small businesses in Auckland

We can not forget about the account department. The accountsdept provides reliable and affordable  taxation services. Our expert tax agents will guide you to every step in taxation activities.

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