Ways to work on your business during lockdown

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1. Review your website

Review your website

What better time to check in and review your site from your client’s perspective.

● If you’re looking for something, is it easy to find?
● Is your most important information clear and forefront?
● Is it easy to navigate and user friendly?
● Are mobile and desktop versions both functioning as you’d like?

And if you don’t already have a website – now might be a good time to set one up! If you’re not confident doing this yourself or if your needs are greater then there are plenty of web designers out there and they probably have the time to do it right now. You could google local designers or check out a site like www.fiverr.com to find the right person.

2. Work on your social media

Work on your social media

With everyone at home, there’s plenty more time for scrolling on Facebook or Instagram so make sure your accounts are in tip top shape and work on some compelling content while you have the chance.

● Do your profile, logo, bio or biz details need a refresh?
● Have you updated your followers on how your business is operating during the lockdown – including any important info they need to know.
● Do all of your best products or services feature enough on your social media?
● Do you have client testimonials or customer reviews you could share?
● Could you create some content to bank for use at a later date?

3. Take time to Research

Take time to Research

● Look at your ideal customer – are you meeting their needs? How could you improve?
● Check out your competitors – how do you compare? How are they meeting their clients’ needs differently?
● Google your industry and see how long it takes to find your business.
● Are there services you could be using to improve your offering or make your life easier?

4. Make sure everything is in order

Make sure everything is in order

Often we’re too busy to check on things that aren’t urgent but sometimes they can become problems down the track.

● Is all of your paperwork in order for any Covid-related subsidies? If you have someone taking care of your books or payroll they may have done this for you or be able to support you.
● Check your website security – make sure you’re not open to cyber hackers.
● If you have employees – is your payroll in order? Has it ever been checked or audited?
● Catch up on your admin, chasing invoices or any outstanding paperwork.

Now that you’re feeling more organized you may have decided you’d prefer to pass on some of these pesky tasks to someone else. If you’re looking for help with your bookkeeping, payroll or even your marketing; get in touch with the team at Accountsdept and see how we can help you.

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